I have spent my whole life studying universal truths.  This blog is about what I gained from that search.  If you want to know more about the actual journey, you can find it here.  I’m an old man now, and would like to share some of what I’ve learned before I go.  This is not a religious web site; you won’t find any preaching or requests for money.  I’m not interested in telling you why you’re wrong and I’m right.  What I have to say isn’t dependent upon faith or other people’s words.  I’m not offering you the moon — not even the reflection of the moon.  All I am is a finger pointing at a puddle that contains a reflection of the moon, an idea of one possible way through the chaos.  

This knowledge comes from my own experience, but your experience is going to be different.  Most of all, our interpretations of our experiences are going to be different.  Never confuse an interpretation of an experience with the actual experience.  Never confuse the pointer with the way.  

Life is about growth.  All knowledge is built on what came before, but people love order, and they interpret data to suit a pre-existing belief system.   But sometimes you have to tear your knowledge apart and rebuild it when new ideas won’t fit in your finished structure.  If you can’t do that, you can’t grow.  I hope I never get to the point where I refuse new information simply because it doesn’t fit in my pre-existing “understanding” of the universe.